"I love creating something that has the capacity to reach inside a person and transform them in some way…big or small. I used to do that through music, now my main medium is film."

 – Jacqui Fifer 

Me in my words

My work revolves around creating transformative journeys (through film, story and music) capable of shifting our perspective, opening our hearts and minds, and expanding us into the best version of ourselves—I believe it's key to maintaining our personal, and planetary, quality of life.

My latest film is the experiential feature documentary The Portal, an immersive journey with six people and an empathetic robot to discover how stillness can transform your life, and the world. Our book, The Portal: How Meditation Can Save the World, co-authored with international meditation expert Tom Cronin, is available in stores and online worldwide. More info in Films.

I've led teams from development through to post and visual effects on several feature films, mainly as producer, line producer, and now director. Such films as the multi-award-winning dramatic feature Concealed (2017), Better Watch Out (2016), The Osiris Child (2016) and Infini (2015). I also co-directed the 2012 and 2013 “Dona i Cinema” (Women and Film) festival in Spain. But I didn't always make films ... I was dedicated to music as an international club-dj for a lot of years. When I'm creating film or story, I bring to it this same philosophy of seamlessness and union as I would mixing music. My ultimate goal: to create a unique marrying of sound, words, pictures and heart that moves the soul.   

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Stuff I did


I was part of the producing team for such films as The Osiris Child (2016), Better Watch Out (2016) and Infini (2015).


While I was based in Spain, I co-directed the 2012 and 2013 Dona i Cinema (Women and Film) festival in Spain with director/producer Giovanna Ribes.

Stuff I'm doing


The Sugar King, a feature drama co-written with Vicent Tamarit Rius. 


As the dark curtain of slavery closes on Spanish colonial Cuba, the wife of the Sugar King discovers the blood-tinged truth about the family rum-dynasty she married into, and assumes her role in creating history. The Sugar King is a lusciously contorting magic realism feast-of-the-senses set against a backdrop of hedonism, slavery and love undone. Adapted from the novela “El rey del azúcar”.

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