"May we all find that quiet meeting point, amid the turbulence of life, where our unique stories and differences come together, and things make sense."

 – Jacqui Fifer 

Latest: The Portal

The Portal is a unique, heart-opening film-book project about human metamorphosis and the current planetary shift, told through a collection of poignant stories and futurist insights (featuring: Amandine Roche, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Mikey Siegel, Dr. Julia Mossbridge, Heather Hennessy, Ron ‘Booda’ Taylor, Due Quach, James R Doty MD, Ronnie Cahana). I created the film and book with project founder, Tom Cronin, with the support of an incredible team.


As someone who is deeply interested in the reaches of human experience and capability, the opportunity to work with a ‘ Superhuman' team on a project designed to contribute to an evolution in human consciousness was beyond thrilling for me, and I’m extraordinarily proud of what we’ve achieved. Little did I anticipate the new intimacy with which I’d come to know the subject matter we were exploring or the evolutionary ride I too would be on. More on that in my blog and video series.


The intention with both film and book is to take people on a personal meaning-making journey, offer inspiration and a tool-kit for human development, and plant the seeds of global change. We have a collective opportunity (and responsibility) right now to push beyond the limits of our heretofore human experience and The Portal is an important piece in that puzzle. 

The book is available online and in stores in AUS/NZ/UK/Germany/Portugal (rest of world to follow).

The film commenced its global release in October 2019 (AUS) and November (USA/NZ). It's available via cinema on demand worldwide (Fanforce **currently on hold due to COVID-19**). Digital release coming soon.

You can find out more about the release and our scheduled events as well as join the tribe of people contributing to the shift at www.entertheportal.com.

Festivals in 2019: Dances with Films LA, Balinale, Awarenest Fest (LA), Orlando International Film Festival, Sedona Film Festival

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