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Jacqui Fifer is a filmmaker and writer who thrives at the intersection of film and consciousness. Her love of the poetry and power of cinema combined with interests in human potential and how we navigate change informs her work, which centres around creating transformative, heart-opening experiences to support the healthy evolution of our planet. She is passionate about mindful creating and the role the medium can play both in shifting our awareness and in helping to cultivate emotional and psychological sovereignty in our nervous systems and lives.

Following an international career as a club and radio DJ, Jacqui embarked on an extensive trajectory in the film industry that has taken her from line producing to directing, leading teams from development through to post and visual effects on several feature films. Jacqui produced the multi-award-winning dramatic feature Concealed (2017) and was a key player in such films as Better Watch Out (2016), The Osiris Child (2016) and Infini (2015). While based in Spain, she co-directed the 2012 and 2013 “Dona i Cinema” (Women and Film) festival. The Portal is her first feature documentary.

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