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Amandine Roche - The Portal book excerpt - Thrive Global

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

It was such an honour to get to interview the incredible people whose powerful personal stories or ground-breaking ideas and work were featured in The Portal.

Amandine Roche, who appears in this excerpt from The Portal book featured in Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global online publication this past November was one of those beautiful souls.

It was a new experience and huge challenge for me to be the interviewer and interview people for the first time. And at the same time, hold space for the relevant moments and ideas to spring forth such that, through the telling, we would be able to experience the potential for transformation, the rollercoaster and tapestry of life, the intimacy of a shared moment, the wisdom of the individual, the relevance to now, and the possibility for the future of humanity.

It felt like a lot was riding on it.

Then, on the day the interview with Amandine was scheduled (we were in Amman, Jordan) I was really, REALLY sick. (So sick I was balling my eyes out and I actually tried to devise a plan for Tom to do the interview via Skype, which didn't happen). Poor Amandine was jetlagged and was also getting sick.

But we did it... amid honking horns, and calls to prayer, and the unfamiliar-to-us Amman urban-soundscape. It was memorable 🦋 And the interview was beautiful and colourful and powerful and full of wisdom and gold...just like Amandine.

You can catch some of it here in this extract from the book.

And if you end up feeling like reading the whole thing, the details on where to get physical, digital and audio versions are all available on our website

The Portal features: Amandine Roche, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Mikey Siegel, Dr. Julia Mossbridge, Heather Hennessy, Ron ‘Booda’ Taylor, Due Quach, James R Doty MD, Ronnie Cahana

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