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Unconditional love and embracing change - FluxAir Interview

This vidcast with the delightful Michelle Estevez from FluxAir was truly one of the most enjoyable chats about the film to date. Casual, conversational, fresh, transcendental...just the way I like it. We did this interview in our flat in NYC. Booda was with us. It will always be a special memory.

"Rather than being a film solely focused on the why behind meditation, The Portal aims to state shift viewers through captivating angles and mesmerizing soundscapes. It truly is a sensational journey that connects the stories of six people and a tool they discovered to transform their lives and propel change. Tom Cronin and Jacqui Fifer were very intentional behind every piece of the story. In the video above, we learn about the moments in life that pushed them to step out of their comfort zone. We also get to learn more behind their viewpoint on a lot of important and pivotal moments that we are stepping into such as fast-tracking our consciousness, programming love into AI, and awakening to the subtle levels of unity."

"If we are what we create, then how can experiencing states of unity and unconditional love play a role in the next steps of our human evolution?" - FluxAir

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